-1st - The Assembly Rooms, Leamington Spa - England - Tickets

  -2nd - Clapham Grand, London - England - Tickets

  -3rd - Stortford Music Festival, Bishop’s Stortford, England - Tickets

  12th - Trabendo, Paris - France - Tickets

  13th - Les Abattoirs, Bourgoin Jallieu - France - Tickets

  15th - Haus der Jugend, Dusseldorf - Germany - Tickets

  16th - Clamotte Rock Festival, Herenthout - Belgium - Tickets

  17th - Paradiso Noord, Amsterdam - Holland - Tickets

  29th - Wychwood Festival, Cheltenham Racecourse, Cheltenham - England - Tickets

  30th - O2 Academy 2, Liverpool - England - Tickets


  -6th - Reo Rocks Festival, REO Veiling Warehouse, Roeselare - Belgium - Tickets

  27th - Killarney Festival, Killarney, Co.Kerry - Ireland - CANCELLED 


  10th - Warehouse 23, Wakefield - England - Tickets

  11th - Corbridge Festival 2015, Tynedale Park, Corbridge, Northumberland - England - Tickets


  30th - The Brittania, Chatham Maritine, Kent - England - Tickets

  31st - Manchester Academy, Manchester - England - Tickets - With From The Jam + The Beat

Damian O'Neill released a solo single on 10th November 2014.

'Trapped in a cage' c/w 'Love Makes The World Go Round' on 7" vinyl only on Overground Records is a limited edition of 500 copies. (cat. no. Over 140).

Both songs are selected from 'Re-energize' a musical play written by renowned Belfast playwright Gary Mitchell. Music by Damian with lyrics by Gary.

'Re-energize' was commissioned by Derry’s Playhouse Theatre for Derry City of Culture 2013 and was performed there and at the Lyric Theatre in Belfast.

Damian: "Re-energize is a gritty play about 4 downtrodden individuals from Belfast who, now middle aged and on hard times, decide against all the odds to reform their old punk band and in effect get a 'second chance'. Initially John and I were commissioned to write 8 pieces of music to lyrics by Gary Mitchell to be performed by the actors live on stage. John wrote 3 songs, I wrote 4 and we co-wrote one. The songs went down really well so I decided to take things further and record 5 of the songs myself in a studio playing everything apart from the drums. I think the 2 songs on the single turned out best."

To receive irregular information send an e-mail to:


A new BBC commissioned documentary about The Undertones was broadcast on BBC 4 TV Friday 7th September 2012. It is now viewable on YouTube

Guide To Derry

Michael Bradley’s guide to Derry for The Guardian website can be viewed here: The Guardian

The Mickey Bradley Radio Show

Mickey presents a new weekly two hour radio show every Tuesday evening between 8 and 10 pm on BBC Radio Foyle 92-95 FM or online at

More details here.

The video for the most recent single Much Too Late can be seen here.

Here Comes The Drummer!

The Billy Doherty Ceili Band

Billy has started a Ceili band with some other musicians from Derry, they´re playing “Ceili” versions  of the Undertones songs plus some trad numbers and plan to “Ceilify” some other well known tunes in the near future. Their first performance was as support to The Undertones at the recent  The Button Factory show in Dublin. It was a great success and they are keen to play more shows very soon. The  Ceili band will have their own Facebook and Twitter etc etc  on line very soon.

Photo: l to r: Robert Peoples, Ciaran O’Carolan, Steven O’Carolan, Ramon Ferguson, Billy Doherty

The "Billy Doherty Ceili Band" are can be booked for live shows via:

YouTube-view their first performance at The Button Factory.


The Undertones merchandising store is now open: Click here to enter the store.



As the great F.R. David put it: 'Words Don't Come Easy' ...especially if you're relying on someone dropping the needle onto a copy of Nuggets .....

Read more here from the writer of ‘Let’s Talk About Girls”, the legendary Manny Freiser